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ClewareControl displays the states and values of the found Cleware devices
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The application "ClewareControl" displays the states and values of the found Cleware devices. The values could be stored and retrieved later. The printing of the diagrams is supported.
The device properties like the displayed name, the polling interval or the color of the curve are also controlled with this program. Every device could assigned to up to 256 actions, which are called when a defined state is reached. For example if the temperature exceeds a limit a alarm tone could be played, at a higher temperature a email will be send and at a third level an USB-Switch with a connected air condition may be activated.

ClewareControl may be configured as a server to show Cleware devices available on the net. In the screenshot on the right five local devices and one remote temperature device connected to a Linux system in the server room are displayed.

The devices USB-Watchdog and USB-AutoReset will receive the signs of life from ClewareControl. The supervision of critical events will also be done here. The first device in the screenshot on the right is an example for this. The signals could also be generated from different application like USBwatch.

USB-Switches are also controlled and visualized with ClewareControl. The events are times, the switch should be turned on or off. The USB-Switch could also be turned as an action initiated by other sensors, e.g. the USB-Temp.

The ClewareControl application could be configured to run as a service in the background. In the background data is aquired, actions are taken and values are send to display server.

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